Voyeurism victim angry, paranoid over tanning salon pictures

Christopher Simmons
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A Martinsville woman who police say was secretly photographed in the nude while at a local tanning salon is expressing her shock and anger over what investigators say happened to her.

According to investigators in Morgan and Hendricks counties, she's one of several women who were photographed by a man in a Martinsville tanning salon and a Victoria's Secret dressing room at Metropolis mall in Plainfield.

She didn't want viewers to know her name or see her face, so one of the alleged victim's spoke to Eyewitness News via an email.

She told us the situation has left her paranoid and feeling violated.

"I had an overwhelming feeling of violation and anxiety," the woman wrote to Eyewitness News after she learned Martinsville Police found naked pictures of her on the cell phone of a man she didn't even know.

That woman, though, told Eyewitness News, she knows the man's name now and can't forget his face.

According to Martinsville Police, Christopher Simmons photographed at least four women on his cell phone at the Sol Spa Tanning Salon in Martinsville without the women knowing it.

"One man's selfish act of perversion has exposed not only my body, but many others to be seen by a lot of people," the woman said.

According to police, Simmons used his cell phone to take the pictures while tanning at Sol Spa Tanning Salon this past January and February.

Police began their investigation of Simmons last month, when a woman said she caught Simmons trying to take her picture in a Victoria's Secret dressing room at Metropolis in Plainfield.

According to police in Plainfield, when they examined Simmons' phone, they found that woman's picture, along with child pornography and dozens of other pictures of naked women in tanning salons.

"He took away all the victims' right to protect their privacy and bodies when he took those photographs" the woman wrote. "It has created a sense of paranoia. that I didn't have before."

The woman told Eyewitness News she sat with police and identified herself, naked in the cell phone pictures.

"I was angry, embarrassed, felt exposed and sick to my stomach all at once," she said.

The woman also told Eyewitness News she hopes she doesn't have to see Simmons while he's out on bail, but she plans to face him in court to testify.

A jury trial for the case out of Hendricks County against Simmons has already been set for June 4.