Voters get out to vote early

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Carrie Cline/Eyewitness News

Hoosiers continue to take advantage of early voting in droves in this final weekend before election day. But, despite the cold temperatures and long lines, folks celebrated the wait.

Eyewitness News spent Sunday morning along the line in downtown Indianapolis shortly before noon. At that time, the line was already long with about an hour-long wait time. But, folks weren't mad and instead passed the time in their own unique ways.

"We're just talking and praising God," said one voter.

"We're taking advantage of our citizenship," said another voter.

"Please vote for local, state and national offices. They affect our lives everyday!" said Terry Lolla.

Terry was waiting in line until he started working it passing his time as the unofficial early voting cheerleader!

"Love your hair ma'am. You're welcome," said Terry.

"I like sharing information with people and my moving around helps me stay warm," he continued.

"When you walked up and saw this long line. What was your first thought?" asked Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline.

"Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, but, it's worth it," said Julie Page.

"Alright. Hello everyone. Nice to see you," said Beth White, Marion County Clerk.

Beth is doing her part to help ease the pain in the lines. The Marion County Clerk says don't let appearances discourage you! This line is steadily moving and some can even skip it altogether.

"The overflow room is set aside for our disabled and elderly voters who cannot wait in this line or do need to be inside," said Beth.

Inside, the mood and pace pick up as these voters warm up and finish their wait.

"I just think it's such an awesome thing to vote on your 18th birthday. It makes it really memorable," said Spencer Clapp.

That's all the motivation Spencer, who's a first-time voter needed on his 18th birthday to make this a speedy process!