Volunteers work to make Super Bowl week memorable

Super Bowl volunteers can easily be spotted by their scarves.
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Despite the chill in the air, thousands of people are pouring into Super Bowl Village, seizing the cold to capture the moment.

Look closely and you will see hundreds of blue and white super scarves sprinkled throughout the crowd. They are being worn by 8,000 volunteers who are eager to help answer questions or click a photo for people like Phil Oneal and his daughter.

"The people. Can't ask for better," said Oneal.

Volunteers are working the crowds, making sure this goes down as a highlight in Indianapolis history. Robyn and Glenn Williams have volunteered at other events like Jazz Fest. They knew this was something they had to be a part of.

"Once in a lifetime opportunity. Had no choice but to volunteer," said Williams.

The AT&T employee and Chrysler worker are shoulder to shoulder with company executives like Shiel Sexton CEO Mike Dilts.

"It doesn't matter what you do outside of this in your day job. Everybody, when you get this scarf on, you're on the same team, same level, whatever, and it's amazing the can-do with everybody, as well," said Dilts, who serves on the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Here, he is making sure the Super Bowl Village is the place to be, right down to tracking down the requested juniper plants ESPN asked for to serve as a backdrop to their outdoor set.

"When you're asked to volunteer for an event in Indianapolis, you are the welcome wagon, so everybody just gets that," Dilts said.

Everyone, including Dana Curish, who is the executive director of the Central Indiana Susan G. Komen Foundation is on a mission to make visitors feel at home.

"I'm walking around, answering questions, telling people where the bathroom is, hopefully picking up any trash if there's any on the ground, so a little bit of everything," Curish said.

They are giving a taste of Hoosier Hospitality to each guest. It's a gift that will hopefully linger long after the game has ended.