Volunteers form the heart of Henryville rebuilding efforts


Brock Bailey is a plumber by trade, but he is a volunteer at heart. Bailey has spent the past week rebuilding hope for David Sumpter. Last month's devastating tornadoes spared his dogs, chickens and his life but little else.

"I just feel blessed that I can give back and I can help him out," said Bailey.

"There was not a standing structure of any kind. He had a modular home that was literally tore down to the bare floor," Bailey explained.

Pastor Bob Morrison came to Henryville after the storms with a plan to help people start over. He met Sumpter at a community breakfast and soon realized he had to help.

"We just told David, we're going to build you a house. We don't know how we're going to but we're going to do it," said Morrison.

Soon the plan to build a house, greenhouse and chicken coop began coming together. Volunteers started coming out of the woodwork.

"It's surprising there are people from a thousand miles away, from Pennsylvania, Ohio, northern Indiana," said Bailey.

Donations of material, even appliances, began pouring in. In a matter of days a house was once again standing.

"We've been down to literally ten minutes of losing a deadline and needing a plumber and a plumber will walk in or an electrician, concrete guy...it has just [fallen] into place," said Morrison.

The goal is to have this home finished by next week. That doesn't mean the work is done for volunteers. It's just beginning. They plan on building 99 more homes here.

"It's great that he's getting a home but so many other people need homes as well," said Jennifer Corkum, who is the family needs coordinator for Henryville Community Church.

The Three Nails Project will focus on helping the uninsured and under-insured get back on their feet, powered by the sweat and tears of total strangers like Mark Davis, a construction worker from Ohio.

"If I ever need it I hope someone is there for me," said Davis.

The Three Nails Project is in need of volunteers both skilled and unskilled. They also need donations of building materials and supplies. If you would like to help you can email them or click here.