Volunteers clean up Fishers neighborhood

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An incredible showing of volunteerism Saturday transformed one of the oldest neighborhoods in Fishers.

Nearly 200 residents, volunteers and city employees came out for the 'Keep Fishers Beautiful' event. They worked to clean up the Sunblest Countryview subdivision just off of 116th and Hague.

Homeowners were thankful for all the help with landscaping and other outdoor projects.

"I never would have gotten this done," said Bonnie Anderson. "I had huge tree stumps - I mean, like, HUGE - and they chopped... they just did everything. I could never have afforded this. I would have never had it done and I can't wait to drive around the neighborhood. Unbelievable."

Fishers leaders said the new initiative was a big success. Volunteers completed 16 projects to help residents in that community.