Viral home security video leads to quick arrest

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A home security video of a bold robber on the south side quickly went viral overnight and helped police make an arrest.

Indianapolis Metro Police arrested Brandon Nelms, 22.

Homeowner Daniel Dillon and his wife captured the crook on cameras set up over their front porch. The suspect gets out of a car at the end of the Dillons' driveway, walks to the porch and, in clear view of the cameras, rips open a FedEx package that was left just minutes before.

Inside, he found a $300 dollar pair of earrings, which he quickly snatches and heads back to his car.

"You couldn't have had a better view of him walking all the way," Dillon said.

The crime happened last week. Late Tuesday night, the Dillons saw the video for the first time.

"Me and my wife watched it about 11 o'clock last night, about an hour before I uploaded it. I was really mad. It's just a violation," Dillon said.

He posted the video to Facebook, giving a description of the man's car and asking for help.

"My idea was to get the word out a little bit, but just try to identify him," Dillon said.

On his own Facebook wall, Dillon's video has been shared 8,500 times.

"It's crowdsourcing. After 6,000 shares how many people have seen that? If only 10 people of each person on the friends list of each one of those people saw that, that's 60,000 people that have seen that," he said. "That's a lot of people really quickly."

Among that crowd were some of the thief's own friends, who say he's stolen from them before, too. They supported Dillon's effort and provided key information about the man and where he was staying. That information helped police track down the suspect, who is wanted for several other robberies in three counties.

"The detective was well aware of this individual and with the footage I provided, they couldn't help but know it was him," Dillon said.

Wednesday evening, Dillon posted that police had the man had been taken into custody.

"I know they're excited to finally have some evidence that will stick against this guy. I think with this, they'll be able to actually put him away and help out some of the other counties that are having a problem with him," he said.

While Dillon doesn't believe he'll get his wife's earrings back, he's in discussions with the company that shipped the package, who he says was supposed to require a signature for delivery.

Dillon says he paid about $300 for the five-camera security system, after some items were stolen from his car. He says it has already paid for itself.

Watch the thief in action