Violent night of gunfire in Indianapolis

Juanita Wallace
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Three shootings, four victims, and many questions after a violent night in Indianapolis.

The first shooting happened at 2:30 in the 1200 block of West 31st Street. One woman was found shot and taken to the hospital. Thirty minutes later, a second shooting in the 5100 block of West 38th Street outside a nightclub. A man was found shot in the parking lot and also taken to the hospital.

Finally, just after 3am, a shooting downtown in the 100 block of South Meridian Street. A man in his thirties was shot and is in critical condition.

Eyewitness News talked to the family of one of the victims who blames drugs for much of the violence.

"I always think about her every night when she's out. I just be hoping that she's safe when she's out because I don't want to get a phone call saying that she got shot," said Antonio McDowell.

Shortly after 2:30 Sunday, McDowell got that call about his niece, Jennifer McDowell. She was shot multiple times and rushed to the hospital in stable condition. Her uncle says she's had a history of drug problems.

"'A' was a bullet hole, 'B' is another bullet hole, 'C' is another bullet hole," said Juanita Wallace.

The shooting happened here in a shed behind Ms. Wallace's home. She converted it into a small living space for her adult son.

"I got him out of my house. He come two and three in the morning ringing the doorbell," said Ms. Wallace.

Ms. Wallace says her son, who's 45, wasn't home at the time of the shooting. But, she knows he lives in harm's way.

"I've been bothered with him almost 15 years and he's been on drugs almost that long too. I'm telling all mothers, you need to talk to your kids. Don't look for the police to talk to them," said Ms. Wallace.

Less than five miles away in the 5100 block of W. 38th Street another shooting. A man was found shot in the parking lot outside Suite 38 Night Club. He was taken to the hospital.

It is not the first time a night club in the very same location has experienced trouble. Last summer, under a different name and different management, two shootings happened there that resulted in two deaths.

Then, the club was called Cloud Nine. In June, two men were shot and killed inside their car while leaving the club. Then, one month later, a man was shot and critically injured inside the club after a fight broke out.

Finally, the third shooting overnight hit in the heart of the downtown nightlife scene in the 100 block of South Meridian. A man, in his thirties, was found shot and in critical condition.

Back to the west side and Ms. Wallace, she hands out some advice.

"When you see things ain't right, call the police. It ain't nothing to be ashamed of. It seems like drugs is in every family," said Ms. Wallace.

Police have suspects in custody in the shooting that happened behind Ms. Wallace's home as the investigations continue.