Video shows Schrenker preparing for flight

Marcus Schrenker

Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - Geist businessman Marcus Schrenker will go before a Florida judge Thursday for allegations that he sent a false distress call and purposely abandoned his plane after bailing out over Alabama.

Eyewitness News has obtained video taken before Schrenker disappeared.

One day before his wife filed for divorce, Marcus Schrenker, accompanied by the woman published reports identify as his girlfriend, are seen on the Anderson airport surveillance tape preparing to fly the 38-year-old investment manager's single-engine plane to Florida.

Two days later, investigators raided the businessman's Geist home and office, seizing computers and cash and freezing his and his wife's assets. Just days later, Schrenker departed the airport again, this time alone. An hour later, he would make a distress call, parachuting out of his plane over Alabama which later crashed in northwest Florida.

Now in jail and awaiting trial on Federal charges, a once seemingly charmed life has nose-dived. A promotional video for Schrenker's investment company shows the good times.

"We can go to bed every night knowing that we did the right thing for the customer," Schrenker says in the video.

But investigators say Schrenker bilked those customers for millions of dollars. The video also calls into question his wife's involvement despite her attorney insisting she was unaware of his business dealings.

"I'm Michelle Schrenker, chief Financial Officer of Heritage Wealth Management. I basically deal with the day to day operations of our company. Payroll, accounting, the taxes," she says in the video.

On Wednesday, a hearing to permanently freeze the Schrenker's assets was postponed. On top of the 20 years he faces on federal charges, there are felony charges awaiting in Indiana.

"Depending on what defenses he may or may not raise, I anticipate we will have him here as early as April," said Jeff Wehmueller, Hamilton county chief deputy prosecutor.

For now, Schrenker remains in custody pending another hearing next week that will likely keep him in jail throughout his federal trial.

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