Video records gunman shooting into crowd at Myrtle Beach

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MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina (WTHR) - A gunman opens fire on a crowd in Myrtle Beach overnight, wounding several people.

And it was all caught on video by an onlooker from his hotel balcony.

The video shows a fight on Oceanside Boulevard. A crowd gathers and then one of the men pulls out a gun and starts shooting.

He fires multiple rounds into the crowd.

Police say an armed security guard nearby was shot in the leg, but he returned fire and managed to hit the gunman.

The gunman was still able to carjack a vehicle and drive away, but police captured him later.

Police say seven people were shot, including the man who started the shooting, and all were taken to hospitals.

None of the injuries are life threatening, according to police.

Police have not identified the suspect, who will face charges related to the shooting spree.