Video of monster chicken fascinates, horrifies the internet

Video of a Brahma rooster in Kosovo has gone viral. (Photo: Facebook/Fitim Sejfijaj)

The internet is making a really big deal about a really big chicken.

Video of "Merakli," a Brahma rooster, was posted to Facebook last week by the big bird's owner, Fitim Sejfijaj, who reportedly lives in Kosovo. The king of the barnyard squeezes out of his coop and struts around his yard, his tufts of feathers making his legs look like large paws.

More than 55 million people have viewed the video, some of which were concerned for their safety.

But the chicken has also found itself some fans.

According to the Livestock Conservancy, Brahmas are docile, can weigh more than 18 pounds, and don't fly very well (for obvious reasons), which may help alleviate some of those fears.