Video extols Indianapolis culture

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A video is giving a shout-out to Indianapolis in a major way. The theme of the video, made by Dusty Frey, is about Indianapolis as a destination to visit, work and live – and not just a stepping stone towards somewhere else.

The video was made a year ago, but was picked up over the weekend by a real estate blogger.

The video features local community leaders like Jim Walker, who founded the Big Car art collective in Fountain Square that has since grown and evolved.

"It's changing the way we can start to be more proud of ourselves and happier with how we are and happier here and not always think that this is just a stopping point to somewhere better. People can choose to be here and choose to do something good with what's here and work with who they have here versus thinking they need to go away and do something else," Walker says at the beginning of the video.

Amid a thrumming rock soundtrack, Hoosiers – native and transplanted alike – give their opinions on how Indianapolis has transformed over the years into a city with its own unique identity.

Jordan Updike from Earthhouse Collective says the "Indianapolis I experience now is complete different" from the one he grew up with.

Despite Indianapolis' reputation for chain restaurants and generic strip malls, Walker says many people have worked to create smaller "cities" within city limits to be creative.

Mitzi Wilson with People for Urban Progress says living downtown, she sees it as a true urban environment. "There's this vibe of a community grounding itself in the downtown Indianapolis area."

"Individuals and small organizations can have a citywide impact," said Updike. Wilson added that it's possible for smaller groups to have a big impact in Indianapolis – whereas in larger cities they might not have that opportunity.

How do you think Indianapolis has changed? Do you think the city offers a wide, culturally diverse array of opportunities? How can it improve on what it already has?

Watch the video here.