Video captures "Grinch" burglars who stole Christmas gifts


Mooresville Police officers are investigating a couple of real-life Grinches who stole Christmas from a family last week. Their best evidence right now is actual video of the burglary in progress.

Two home video cameras captured their every move inside the house in the Crafton Meadows subdivision. The break-in happened December 4th in the quiet neighborhood.

The family left their uninstalled motion activated cameras on the living room floor. The video shows around 8:30am the burglars kicked in the front door. They spent about 30 minutes casually carrying out electronics, jewelry and - unfortunately - the family's Christmas gifts.

"Hearing that someone stole someone's entire Christmas is pretty bad," said neighbor Melissa Carter-Black. "When you think about it, that is pretty low life."

Investigators believe they backed into the garage so neighbors wouldn't get suspicious.

Neighbor Melissa hopes someone recognizes the thieves from the video, which is now on the Mooresville Police Department Facebook Page.

"Maybe by what they are wearing. They will probably think when they get caught, 'boy, we are pretty dumb. We walked right by those cameras,'" said Carter-Black.

The images are in black and white. One of the suspects is wearing a pair of black Nike shoes and a Nike sweat-suit.

The video also indicates that the burglars appear to be in no hurry, either. Just like the Grinch, one of the suspects carries around a cloth bag stuffing the family's belonging inside.

The victims told police it appears they went through every room of the house. The suspects walk in front of the camera several times, activating the motion sensors.

After talking to neighbors in the Crafton Meadows subdivision, police now have reason to believe the men in the video may have cased the neighborhood before the burglary.

"Some neighbors reported seeing a maroon or red Jeep or SUV pull in the drive way the day before the burglary," said Detective Chad Richhart of the Mooresville Police Department.

"Video of burglars like this is rare," said Richhart. "And this is the time of year almost every law enforcement agency sees an increase in home burglaries with thieves targeting property intended for Christmas gifts."

Detective Richhart urges people to be on the look-out for suspicious activity in every neighborhood. Failing to report vehicles you don't recognize or people knocking on doors may result in criminal activity.

Richhart hopes after seeing the video of the burglars it will lead to someone calling the Crime Stoppers Hot Line at 317-262-TIPS with an anonymous clue. Good Tips can earn the anonymous call up to $1,000 in cash with no questions asked.