Victims of south side shooting identified

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Indianapolis has seen seven shootings in a span of eight hours overnight, leaving police as well as the community searching for answers.

Just before 5:00 pm Thursday afternoon, a 16-year-old was shot and killed in the 600 block of East 23rd Street. Three hours later, four people were found dead in a home on the south side in the 3400 block of Parker Avenue. Then just before 1:00 am, two people died after a shooting in the 2400 block of Stuart Street.

Police were on the scene of the quadruple murder all night and into the morning in the 3400 block of South Parker Avenue on the city's south side. 

The victims in this incident have been identified as Hayley Navarra, 21, Kristy Mae Sanchez, 22, Jacob Rodemich, 43, and Walter Burnell, 47, all of Indianapolis.  All of the victims were shot.  Investigators do not believe this is a random act.

Police say it started with a call to 911 when someone found the bodies of the four people murdered inside. They said Burnell lived in the home.

"We believe there are some friends or some neighbors that went to the house and we are talking to those people," said IMPD Lt. Christopher Bailey.

Police fought the rain and wind, going door-to-door, asking neighbors questions.

"That's standard procedure in any homicide. We canvass the area to see if anybody heard, saw, or know what the people lived there were up to or what they were doing before or after this incident and if anybody heard or saw anything before," explained Bailey.

Neighbor Virginia Dailey said she didn't know much about the house where the bodies were found.

"There's people going in and out all the time and we didn't know any of them," Dailey said.

Dailey said the south side neighborhood has changed since she raised her family here.

"My husband don't like me to sit on the porch, but if I smoke I have to come out here. He says it's dangerous anymore," said Dailey.

Police did said they did not believe neighbors had anything to worry about in terms of their safety.

"We're not looking for anybody that we know of right now," said Bailey.

Police said a dog was also found inside the home.

Police say due to "the complexities of this particular case," they have no specific information about a suspect at this time. They urge anyone with information to call IMPD detectives at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.