VFW break-in takes from those who gave

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Greenwood's flags fly for Freedom Fest and for those who gave their all for freedom. But at the VFW here, someone took.

"It's like robbing the church poor box," said one veteran.

After closing time, someone got into the building and stole $5,000 cash from the veterans organization.

"Those people ought to be dealt with harshly. I'm saying that because you've got a mic on me. I have other ways I would put it," said the veteran.

Police say someone used cardboard coaster like those found in the bar. They wedged open a door defeating the lock. Then when the staff cleared the building the suspect came back, got in an unlocked door, then stole the cash.

"A pry bar was used to break into a cabinet where the money was kept," said Greenwood Assistant Police Chief Matt Fillenwarth. "Whoever went in and burglarized the place knew exactly where the money was kept and where they needed to go."

Military historian Dan David is actually and American Legion member. But he was at the VFW hall helping organize its Freedom Fest event.

"What honor is there, if there is any honor, in stealing...in stealing from people that keep your freedom alive," he said. "I'd say that person falls in the lowest life form in the world category."

The VFW isn't just about running bars and banquet halls. Steve Keever of the Greenwood VFW says stealing here steals from the community.

"They steal from veterans in need and families of veterans in need that we help through scholarships in tough times and when people solicit money from us," Keever said.

Greenwood is not alone. There have also been recent break-ins at VFW halls in North Vernon and Lawrence. YouTube even shows three men using a sledge hammer to bust into a VFW in Colorado.

"We're a family," said one veteran. "This means a lot to us."

"You might as well have just went to the vet himself and stole it out of his hand."