Vectren warns customers of bill payment scam

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Vectren is warning customers of a multi-state bill payment scam.

As part of the scam, customers receive an unsolicited phone call from a fraudulent individual claiming to be a representative for the utility company. The person warns that the utility will disconnect the customer's utility service if the customer fails to make an immediate payment - usually within an hour.

Customers are told to buy a prepaid debit card from a local store, then call the person back to make a payment. Customers are then asked to provide the receipt number and PIN number from the prepaid debit card, giving the fraudulent individual instant access to the card's funds and the ability to immediately drain its balance.

Vectren says it does not currently accept prepaid credit or debit cards for payment and would never require a customer to purchase one in order to make a payment of any type.

If at any time customers are contacted by phone or in person from anyone claiming to represent Vectren and asking for personal or payment information, they should immediately call Vectren's customer service operations at 800-227-1376 to verify the legitimacy of the request.

Also, report the scam to the Better Business Bureau.