Vandals slash car tires in Indianapolis north side neighborhood

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Several people spent the day making costly repairs to car tires someone slashed while they were sleeping. The crime spree occurred overnight on the near north side of Indianapolis near 36th and Carrollton Avenue.

"This is crazy," said Serena Grandy.

Grandy is trying to come up with money to replace the front right tire on her Volvo.

Overnight, she and several other people in her neighborhood woke up to find their car tires had been slashed by vandals.

"I just can't believe it. It had to be someone young. How can someone go through..they did this whole street and this whole side street. That's a lot of cars to have time to do something like that," said Grandy.

Whoever went on the crime spree left behind some expensive repairs. Eyewitness news found a number of flat tires in the 700 block of East 36th Street. The vandals also left damaged tires along Carrollton Avenue.

"They hit on this side on his car and on this car," said Chris Wake.

Wake showed us the replacement tires on his car after getting hit by the same vandals.

"There was another car here and another car up there and the driver's side tires on all three cars were slashed. One car appeared to have only one tire slashed but once we drove it the other tire collapsed," he said.

With so many flat tires, the victims and their neighbors say they are going to do a better job keeping their eyes and ears open, including investing in some security cameras.

"The next step, I am getting a camera put up and I think they are getting a camera put up down there too," said Grandy.

Despite the hassle, Wake observed, "It was kind of cool having everybody come out and interact with each other which we don't normally do."

One of the victims did see a few teenagers on mopeds late last night riding slowly through the neighborhood, but she is not sure if they're connected to the vandalism.

If you can help with clues on the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.