Vandals damage dozens of cars on Indianapolis southwest side


Nearly two dozens cars on the south side of Indianapolis were vandalized overnight. The damage included everything from spray paint to smashed out windows.

Police say nothing was stolen, but the vandals left a lot of costly damage in their wake. They've been active in numerous neighborhoods on the southwest side in the area of I-465, Troy and Lynhurst.

The vandals spray-painted gang graffiti on cars and trucks, and they broke out windows including the back window on Kimberly Dennis' daughter's van.

"This is crazy," said Dennis, who is outraged by the damage. "Several others in the neighborhood. You know this has got to stop. The gangs got to stop. We are all one. We all need to live together."

Police believe the same vandals broke out the window on an SUV several blocks away. It belongs to Lonnie Lamb who says even at his age (72), being a victim of vandalism can test your faith.

"You can almost lose your religion over trying to find the person who did it. I will soon be 73 years old!" said Lamb.

Many of the victims woke up to find the damage Wednesday morning. Several neighborhoods on the southwest side were hit last week, too.

Eyewitness News also caught up with victim A. J. Richardson before he headed to work. The vandals not only did a number on his brother's Ford Five Hundred, but AJ is using electrical tape to secure the back window on his Cadillac, which he tries to park in a safe place.

"I don't even really know if that is going to work because my brother is parked in a spot that they actually had to get out of their car to hit his windows," said Richardson.

While AJ Richardson's brother tried to park his car out of the line of fire, they believe someone took a baseball bat to the back window, the side window and the front windshield. These are expensive repairs for not only him but every victim.

"They don't realize how much money it's costing people. That's a whole lot of money. It's gonna be $300 or $400 to fix my window and I can't afford that, so I'm driving around with a broken window right now," said Richardson.

The spray paint is off Kimberly's daughter's van, but as far as the insurance deductible to fix the window, "she doesn't have the money. She is a new mother."

Home owners with security cameras near the vandalized cars are checking video for the suspects. Either way, the victims hope someone will help put a stop to the widespread vandalism.

The hotline at Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana is open around the clock at 317-262-TIPS. A cash reward will go to the caller that provides the anonymous clue on the suspect(s) which leads to arrest(s).  Metro Police and other law enforcement agencies urge people to start or get involved with their neighborhood crime watch to report suspicious activity.

Specific locations:

3199 Denniston Street
4522 Bellingham TE
3057 Denniston Street 
3556 West Perry Street
3050 Seerley Creek Drive
5132 Red Horizon BL
2355 S Tibbs Ave
2848 Denniston Street
5217 Mecca Street
5933 Coquina Key Dr
516 Linden Hill Cr
5123 Norcroft Drive
5441 Norcroft Drive
4400 Denniston TE 
4427 Denniston TE
3118 Seerley Creek 
4828 Leisure Manor
3199 Denniston Street