Use your smartphone to find the best deals

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This year's savvy holiday shoppers are turning to their smartphone to track down the best deals.

Leading up to the frenzy of Black Friday shopping, smartphone apps make it possible to size up the sales before you even step out the door.

It's can be a furious pace to find what you want at area stores... And to find it at the best price during the holiday crunch.

But instead of acting on hunches and impulse, there are a few apps to give you an educated jump on your fellow shopper.

An app called BuyVia has three versions, a general shopping app, a Black Friday app and a Cyber Monday app. All of them allow you to compare prices at stores and receive alerts to learn about deals at your favorite stores.

Some of the most popular apps include a bar code scanner when you get to the store. There is one called ShopSavvy. You can scan or type in keywords to call up comparison prices and reviews.

Red Laser is another established mobile app that will compare prices at nearby stores, so you can instantly find out what others retailers are charging for the same product.

And finally is an app called Shop-Kick. This is an app the helps discover products near you at major retailers. It also offers reward points for going to those stores and also scanning items and making purchases. You can redeem the points for gift cards at your favorite stores.

One thing you need to consider as you use these apps, is how comfortable you are allowing an app access to your personal information. Many shopping apps want to know your location, and access to your contacts, and then send you notifications.