US 40 Yard Sale kicks off

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Lynsay Clutter/Eyewitness News

Plainfield - It's a shopper's dream, and it's right here in Indiana: bargain after bargain stretching for 824 miles. The Historic US 40 Yard Sale runs along the highway from Baltimore to St. Louis from dawn Wednesday until dusk Sunday. Vendors in Plainfield were setting up shop this morning.

US 40 is the highway to heaven for antiques shoppers. Vendors along the Historic National Road are setting up shop for what they call the largest yard sale in the country.

"You just don't know what the public's gonna buy," said vendor Herald Osborn.

"You never know what you're gonna find. That's the beauty of it," said Kay Giley, Giley Antiques Barn.

You can score that rare find in any town along US 40 statewide. "All of a sudden, there's stuff here, there's stuff there, you don't know which side to go to first," said Giley.

The yard sale spans six states from Maryland to Missouri.

Judy Steinway is hunting for bargains again this year. "Last year, I had looked and looked for a piece to go with a set of dishes, and the last place we stopped, they had a box full for like $10. And that was my find of the year," she said.

For a road trip like this one, veteran shoppers say it's best to come prepared. Crowds in small towns have gotten so big that restaurants run out of food, ATMs run out of money and even bathrooms run out of toilet paper.

"Last year we had perfect weather and thousands of people. There were just thousands of people," said Giley.

That's the hope for antiques vendors this year. For shoppers, it's to explore Indiana.

"Even when we go on trips, we like to take a lot of the side roads and get off the interstates. We like the quaint little towns," said Steinway.

Antiques Dealer Patricia McDaniel started and organized the Historic US 40 Yard Sale in Dublin, Indiana four years ago.

She has compiled information on her store's web site.