US 31 construction means major detour for commuters

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One of the busiest corridors in the state is about to close down for eight months.  We're talking about U.S. 31 from Old Meridian Street to 136th Street.  It's a construction project that's been years in the making, but is now coming a whole year earlier than expected.

That area along U.S. 31 is so congested, it's in dire need of attention. It's going to get that attention in an accelerated plan to expand the area, upgrade it to freeway standards with no traffic lights and speed up travel.

On April 4, a stretch of U.S. 31 from Old Meridian to 136th Street will be shut down in both directions until Thanksgiving. It's going to increase commute times dramatically and cause some frustration, as drivers try to find the best detour for them.

Zac Ashley is from Noblesville: "I've only lived in the area for about a year and a half and finding my way around here is sometimes challenging.. and now.. with this happening.. that's another layer to add to it."

This shutdown was originally planned for next year, so why the big change? INDOT says this project has moved much faster than they anticipated and they found an earlier window to take advantage of.

When all is said and done with the project, INDOT expects travel time from Indianapolis to South Bend will be reduced by a half hour.