UPDATE: Woman in critical condition after being shot in the face

Woman shot on the south west side
Woman shot in face Saturday morning.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Police are looking for the person they say shot a woman in the jaw early Saturday morning. She's expected to be okay, but had to run to a nearby house to get help around 3 am.

“Just shocking, terrifying, saddening,” said Maria Robertson, who also lives on the west side. “I feel for her, feel for her family. It's just scary.”

That woman who got shot ended up near Belmont and Lambert on Indy's west side, but officers say she came from about a block away, looking for help. Investigators say they found three people inside the home where the shooting happened and one in the home's garage. At least one of those people helped police figure out who to look for.

“We just tell the public, we know you're not in any danger,” said IMPD Captain Harold Turner. “Just let us do our job and continue to interview the witnesses here and the victim and we'll end up getting this person apprehended in a short amount of time.”

Police say the woman was shot by someone she knew and had some kind of relationship with. They say they may have been husband and wife. And she wasn’t the only one hurt in connection with this crime.

“We also believe there was some type of large disturbance that occurred in this garage, as there is one gentleman that is beat up pretty badly from some other people,” said Turner. “So there were all kinds of things going on in this home and in this garage that we're still trying to piece together.”

Police say this was an isolated incident, so people shouldn't be worried as officers do their work.

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