UPDATE: Minnesota couple killed in Henry County crash

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Two adults were killed Saturday afternoon when the vehicle they were riding in slammed into a semi on I-70 near the State Road 3 exit in Henry County. 

A teen who was in the vehicle was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries and then taken by air ambulance to an Indianapolis Hospital. 

Henry County Sheriff's Department responded to the 4 vehicle accident at 12:13 p.m.  The accident involved two passenger cars and two semi tractor trailers.

Investigators say a white Toyota was struck from the rear by a semi being driven by Richard Engstrom, 59, Indianapolis.

The Toyota was then pushed into the rear of another semi being driven by Sheridan Crum, 58, Florida.

The Toyota also struck a vehicle that was sitting behind one of the semis.  It was driven by Kevin Ruble, 45, Indianapolis.

Three people were trapped inside the white Toyota. The driver and a front seat passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. A 13 year old passenger in the Toyota was airlifted from the scene and transported to Riley Hospital.

The driver and passenger were identified as Sylvia Shaw, 66, and John Shaw, 66, both of New Brighton, Minnesota

The drivers of the trucks were not injured.  

I-70 westbound was closed for a short time while emergency workers treated the victims. 

At the time of crash, traffic was at stop for an unknown reason. The crash is

still under investigation.