UPDATE: Hamilton Co. patient & man who offered him a ride both found safe

Dennis Lee
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A man who walked away from the hospital where he was being treated for heroin overdose and the man who agreed to give him a ride to a friend's house have both been found safe.

Dennis Lee, 28, walked away from Riverview Health Hospital around 1:00 Friday afternoon. A short time later, he knocked on the door of Donald Bannon and his wife and asked for a ride to Westfield. Bannon agreed and left with Lee in his 2000 forest green Ford F-150 but didn't take his cell phone with him. When he didn't return as quickly as his wife expected, she began to worry and told police.

Hamilton County sheriff's deputies and IMPD officers found Lee and Bannon near 38th & Keystone around 7:45 Friday night. Not only was Bannon unharmed, deputies said that there was no evidence he had been held against his will or that any crime had been committed against him. It appears Bannon was simply being a Good Samaritan and agreed to give Lee a ride. For his generosity, Lee offered and tried to help Bannon fix the brakes on his truck.

While deputies were happy to report that this situation turned out well, they still encouraged Hoosiers not to provide rides to strangers because the outcome may not be as positive.