UPDATE: Gibson pleads guilty to 2012 murder

William Clyde Gibson
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During the second day of jury selection, William C. Gibson pleaded guilty to the murder of Stephanie Kirk.

Kirk's remains were found in the backyard of Gibson's New Albany home in 2012.

Gibson's sentence will be handed down by Judge Susan Orth, according to Indiana Supreme Court spokesperson Kathryn Dolan. Because he pleaded guilty in a death penalty case, Gibson waived his right for the penalty to be determined by a jury.

The penalty phase is scheduled to start July 28 at 9:00 a.m. in Floyd Superior Court and is expected to last three days.

Gibson had already been convicted of killing two other women. He was given a death sentence for killing a 75-year-old friend of his mother and a 65-year sentence for a 44-year-old Florida woman's 2002 slaying.

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