UPDATE: 4-year-old boy with autism found safe in Hancock County

Kyle Pierce, 4
A missing 4-year-old boy with autism was found safe in Hancock County.  Police and the public searched for the boy for more than four hours before finding him in a cornfield. 

Kyle Pierce disappeared from the New Palestine area of 3700 W 380 South around 7:30 Saturday night, according to authorities.

Pierce is one of seven children. His mother told Eyewitness News' Mary Milz one of Kyle's older brothers was watching him when he disappeared. She said Kyle slipped out a door and is quick on his feet so family couldn't catch up with him in time.

IMPD lent their helicopter and bloodhounds to help with the search. Indiana State Police also helped with the search on foot and via helicopter.  Some of the more than 150 volunteers who helped to look for Kyle didn't even know the Pierce family, they just heard about Kyle's disappearance and wanted to help.

Kyle was found about four hours later wandering in a corn field on the edge of a pig farm about a mile from his home. 

"New Pal, Hancock County is an amazing community," said Christy Corwin Howard of New Palestine. "They had four-wheelers through the fields. They had quite a search party going all through the corn field, and the infrared....Unbelievable he made it that far, being 4 years old. I thought it would have been much closer to where he lived."

He was taken to the hospital to be checked out but was expected to be fine.

Unfortunately, there are still around a dozen kids listed as missing from Indiana, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Click here for pictures of those kids and some of their stories.