Unshoveled sidewalks are creating a big danger

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This weekend snow plows cleared the way for drivers. But there's another real concern tonight, that road crews couldn't address: unshoveled sidewalks.

That's creating a big danger, not only for people forced to walk on the streets, but also for drivers, forced to watch out for them.

Drive around and you'll know doubt see them: people walking on Indianapolis streets. A man with headphones who seemed oblivious to our car. A woman, just feet away from our front bumper.

"You have to walk," said Chiffon Peet who has two modes of transportation: taking the bus or walking. Recently sidewalks haven't been an option. "Some of the sidewalks, they have ice on it, and a lot of slush where your feet can get wet. So basically I walked in the street till I could see some clear pavement," she said as she walked along Meridian Street.

And while some must walk, others are trying to get exercise. We saw this runner on the side of 49th street.

And a Channel 13 photographer snapped a picture showing two joggers right in the middle of the slow lane of Meridian Street just north of 16th.

For those who want to get in a few miles, the answer is nearby. The Monon Trail is snow free and clear. 

Sixteen plus miles of pedestrian-friendly pathway, which could be the case everywhere if more people did more of this.

"It's our responsibility," explained homeowner Sharon Luther.

Just push a shovel a few feet, lift and turn.  It's become a habit for Luther, who lives along north Meridian Street. "98 percent of the time, we're pretty good about it (shoveling the sidewalks). Because we have a bus stop at the end of the road and there are a lot of people who need to use the bus," said Luther.

Many sidewalks still remain covered. And whether it's snow fatigue or laziness, just know it doesn't have to be like this.

"You do what you can and leave the rest up to someone else," said Luther.

The Department of Public Works plows and salts the Monon Trail just like any other thoroughfare.

As for those sidewalks. If you're unable to clear them yourself, you can call 211 to find out about assistance.