Unique collaboration between NBC's 'Revolution' and the UN

Unique collaboration between NBC's 'Revolution' and the UN
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NBC's "Revolution" has established a unique and eye-opening collaboration with the United Nations.

The show is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all technology, anything that requires even the smallest jolt of electricity to run no longer works.

Some 1.3 billion people in the real world already live without access to electricity. So, before the plot of the hit show's second season was mapped out, two of the most senior UN officials met in Los Angeles with JJ Abrams and the show's creator Eric Kripke. They offered the show's writers access to other UN staff who have field experience of life not only without electricity but are also caught up in violent, armed conflict so that they could then use their platform to demonstrate the reality roughly a fifth of the world's population faces every day.

"It was great to share stories of the work of the UN in humanitarian crisis situations," said Derk Segaar, the first UN staffer to visit the writers' room. "There are definitely similarities to what's depicted in Revolution. In our UN jobs, we speak to people who are affected in the worst possible way in places like Darfur, Somalia and currently in Syria."

You can learn more about the show's partnership with the UN, including how real events are shaping Revolution's plot this season on NBC's website. You can watch "Revolution" Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on WTHR Channel 13.