UIndy police investigate dorm room break-ins during spring break


Students returning to the University of Indianapolis after spring break found they were victims of a crime.

Campus police report at least 17 dormitory rooms in two different buildings were broken into on the UIndy campus.

"My door was locked when I left and it was locked when I came back," said student Alex Neu.

"I even told them, 'Yes, I remember locking my room'," said student Julianne Turner.

But a locked door didn't stop a thief from breaking into 17 rooms on the campus of UIndy. Roberts Hall was hit the hardest, with 11 break-ins. Turner's room was one of those, but the only thing missing was her piggy bank.

"I had just counted it, $30," she said.

But $30 is $30 - hard-earned and well-saved.

"I was actually going to go to the car wash, because I had just bought a car over spring break, so that's how I realized it was missing when I was looking for my change to go to the car wash," said Turner.

"They took my bookbag, my graphing calculator and my wallet," Neu said.

Alex had credit cards in that wallet, which he quickly canceled. The calculator will cost more than $100 to replace.

"I don't know why somebody would want to do that," he said.

Piggy banks and calculators are one thing, but Eyewitness News talked with one student who lives in Central Hall who lost much more. He told us the thief stole a 50-inch screen television, an Xbox gaming system and more than $100 in cash.

"It doesn't make me feel very safe to even know that even over spring break, when everything is on lockdown and people still got in and I kinda wonder why they chose me and just my piggy bank of all things. It was kind of strange," said Turner.

To address the feelings of insecurity, the university is planning to change the exterior locks of the doors and step up campus police patrols. University police and IMPD are investigating the thefts and still aren't sure how the thief or thieves got in.

The university says 14 break-ins in a week are very rare, but they hope this will be a cautionary tale for every college student - take your valuables with you when you leave for any extended break.