UIndy honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on national holiday

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Hundreds of people honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the movement he led Monday on the south side of Indianapolis.

The University of Indianapolis marked the holiday honoring King with a scene from the early days of the civil rights movement on campus. But unlike the old days, the doors were open to let them come inside and gospel music made it a celebration.

The university adjusts its class schedule each year on the holiday to allow students and faculty to mark the day. This year, they heard from former Indianapolis City-County Councilman Roselle Boyd, the first African-American ever elected to the council, and a man who was once on the front lines of the battle for civil rights.

"My experience goes to a house on Highland Place here in Indianapolis, in which I lived and from which I went to school," Boyd said.

It was a segregated school in a place not far from the UIndy campus.

The arc of Boyd's life has ridden the struggle for civil rights and he puts the process into perspective.

"We know that things are significantly better now, but they are not as good as they could be," he said.

It's a lesson not lost on those who came to the service Monday, including Wilmara Manuel, who brought her children to learn about the man who we honor today.

"They're receiving the labor for what Martin Luther King Junior has done and they don't see a lot of the struggles that have gone on before and I don't want them to take what they can do for granted," Manuel said.

UIndy also honored King with music and recitations of some of his speeches with a program Monday evening.