Two women missing in southwestern Indiana

Kristy Kelley (left) and Joelle Lockwood
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In a case that is troubling police in southern Indiana, two young mothers have disappeared in a matter of days. Some investigators think the cases could be connected.

Kristy Kelley of Boonville and Joelle Lockwood of Evansville have both disappeared without a trace.

Hundreds of people gathered last night outside the Warrick County Courthouse. They lit candles and held moments of silence for the missing mothers.

"These girls belong to the community, and everyone needs to be responsible for bringing them home," said Amanda Crowe, vigil participant.

30-year-old Joelle Lockwood and 27-year-old Kristy Kelley lived just 20 minutes apart. Kelley was last seen this past Friday leaving a Boonville VFW club, heading home. Lockwood was last seen July 9 leaving a party in Evansville.

Both families have heard nothing, and there has been no activity on phones, credit cards or bank accounts.

Police say they have nothing linking the disappearances at this point, but investigators on both cases are comparing notes daily.

Both families are pleading for the public's help, reassuring the Kelley's and Lockwood's children that they won't stop searching.

Another twist in the case of these missing women: Megan Nichols, a mother from Fairfield, Illinois, about 50 miles west of Evansville, has also now gone missing.