Two teens hurt, one missing in Blue River Dam

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Divers had to call off their search for a missing person in an Edinburgh body of water around 9:30 Friday night because it had become too dark.

The Department of Natural Resources divers had been at the Blue River Dam in Edinburgh where five teenagers were swimming near a low-head dam when one of them was swept over the dam. Two of the other teenagers in the group tried to help, but were caught in turbulent water at the base of the dam.

"I saw two bodies float downstream," said Roberts Jessie who heard calls for help in his shop coming from the river. "He had a hold of the girl and one of his friends had already gotten out and gotten a hold of the other person who was ahead of the girl downstream a little ways."

Two other victims, later identified as 16-year-olds Sarah McLevish and Michael Chadbourne, were taken to the hospital after being pulled unresponsive from the water. Passersby performed CPR on the teens until medics could arrive. They were transported to Johnson Memorial Hospital before being flown via Lifeline to IU Health Methodist Hospital.

"It took two of us to pull him out of the water. His buddy was standing there holding him and the current was trying to pull them into the water. They were not responding to CPR. Couldn't get them to breathe, no pulse or anything," said Christopher Lloyd who pitched in to help.

Officers believe the third victim, Jason Moran of Franklin, is still in the water and crews are conducting searches of the water and shore looking for signs of the missing teenager.

All of the victims were students at Franklin Community High School. A vigil will be held at the high school's football field at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Trent Crabb and Mark Naley were able to get out of the water unharmed.

As rescuers worked Friday, 100 friends and loved ones gathered to pray at a vigil. Pastors spoke to comfort the gathering, reminding them to be thankful for the four lives that have already been saved. The group then formed into small circles to pray together.

"Sarah was a really close friend of mine so it's just scary," said Riley Peterman. "I thought of Jason and Mark and all of them and I was just going to school with them."

"I know them they were all good kids just down there having a good time," added a classmate, Wesley Rees.

Rescue crews called it a painful lesson for all Hoosiers not go near falls - swimming or in a boat. The hydraulics created in those areas are simply too dangerous.

The search for Moran will continue early Saturday morning.