Two suspected of fraud in Johnson County

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Police in Franklin are seeking the public's help in identifying two people suspected of credit card fraud.

The man and woman have reportedly made several purchases using fraudulent credit cards in the Johnson County area. They're accused of cloning credit cards, making them look incredibly realistic.

"Taking someone else's credit card number, cloning a credit card to use as their own," said Franklin Police Det. Adam Joseph.

It's a numbers game, not just using a stolen credit card number by phone or Internet, but by walking into a store with a clone, a high-quality copy of a card that looks and swipes like the real thing.

The couple has allegedly used a cloned card at a Walmart in Franklin, the McDonald's restaurant off I-65 and three other stores in Johnson County. One store turned the card down, but it's unclear why.

"I don't know if they're Johnson County locals. I would venture to say they are central Indiana locals," Joseph said.

The known victim of the credit card fraud is from southern Indiana. He doesn't know how the suspects got his number, or how it was transferred to another card, though it's possible the couple reprogrammed the magnetic strip on the back.

"It is scary. Somehow they get a hold of those numbers. I've had that happen when we had to change our card," said a Franklin shopper.

Another said, "It's getting worse and worse all of the time. This happened to my sister, she lost $1,300."

The thieves have used the cloned card to buy store gift certificates, which they can then use later or sell to others for cash. They've taken the victim for $1,500.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call Det. Joseph at 317-346-1145.