Two-star general among three killed in shooting at Afghan base

A U.S. Army general was killed Tuesday when a man believed to be an Afghan soldier opened fire at a military base in Kabul.

A man in an Afghan Army uniform shot at a group of international coalition soldiers at Camp Qargha, according to the Pentagon. That man was shot and killed by other Afghan soldiers.

Maj. Gen. Harold Greene was among three people killed in the shooting. Another 15 people - roughly half of them Americans - suffered mild to serious injuries, including a German brigadier general.

Pentagon officials said this attack does not lessen their confidence in the Afghan National Security Forces.

"They have had a good year securing not one, but two national elections and stopping or minimizing countless numbers of attacks throughout the country, even in Kabul," said Rear Admiral John Kirby.

Gen. Mohammmad Zahir Azimi, a spokesperson for Afghanistan's Defense Ministry, called the shooter a "terrorist in an army uniform."