Two Spring Mill home invasion suspects in custody

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Two suspects in a north side home invasion were taken into custody Friday.

It started when police tried to serve a warrant at a residence at 36th and Meridian Streets on the Indianapolis near north side. The suspect, Tiawan Lundy, was wanted in connection with a home invasion on Spring Mill Road last week.

Friday evening, police announced the arrest of 26-year-old James Phillips for theft, receiving stolen property and assisting a criminal in the same home invasion.

The high-profile nature of the search for Lundy underscored the seriousness of the situation.

"When they received the information that he was possibly holed up in an apartment here - before the perimeter could be set, the suspect jumped out of a third-story window, landed on a car below," said Sgt. Linda Jackson, IMPD.

The car belongs to Shaun Metheney, apartment complex manager. The impact dented the car's roof badly, and broke out the back window.

"I came out here and I got a totaled car. I can't even take my kid to the doctor now. To me it's just utter bullcrap," he said.

IMPD had K-9 and tactical units combing the nearby neighborhood around 36th and Meridian Streets. Lundy was wanted in connection with the Oct. 24th home invasion on Spring Mill Rd. He was considered dangerous and desperate.

It's believed he injured his leg during his escape.

Shortridge High School, along with IPS Schools 48, 43 and 60 were on lockdown at the time.

"It's just not safe out here anymore," said one driver. "They're gonna find him. No doubt about that."

Five hours after the search began, Lundy surrendered to Lt. Bill Benjamin of the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

"I received a call from Beverly Lundy, mother of the suspect," said Benjamin.

Police say Lundy was able to reach his parents after jumping from the third floor window. They were worried he could be hurt.

"He was quite unsure about turning himself in," Benjamin said. "I talked with him about doing the right thing."

When Benjamin met Lundy and his family at the church, he says the suspect "was quite tearful...constant tears."

"With the violence and what you heard they did, it makes it very hard to have any sympathy for him," said a neighbor of the Spring Mill attack.

On camera and off, there is relief in the Spring Mill area, now bright with home security lights.

"These were excessively violent, so to know they took all of the efforts to catch the guy involved is really good," says a neighbor not far from the home invasion victims.

"I didn't know this. It's definitely making me feel better. We've been here for many years and we all try to look out for each other," a neighbor said.

Police are looking for other suspects on top of the arrests of others in the home invasion and shooting near 79th and College. A family there was robbed and held captive for hours.

"We've always been careful, but now, even more so," said a neighbor Friday night.

Lundy faces charges of burglary (A felony), robbery (B felony) and criminal confinement (C felony).

Demetre Brown also faces robbery charges in connection with the Spring Mill home invasion. Amber Deckard is also charged as an accomplice in that case.