Two rescued from White River in downtown Indianapolis

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Two people are being treated at a local hospital after being rescued from the icy waters of the White River on Thursday afternoon.

It happened by the White River by the old Washington Street Bridge at around 3:00 pm. That's near the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis near White River State Park.

Fire crews safely rescued a man and a woman from the water. The man appeared to be holding the woman up while he stood on a sandbar for some time until rescue crews got a boat out to them.

According to a witness, the 47-year-old woman was on the west side of the river, possibly taking pictures, when she fell into the water.

A man saw her go in and went in after her, according to a witness. 

Eyewitness News is waiting on confirmation from the Indianapolis Fire Department for details on how the two people wound up in the water.

The water was only waist deep but it was extremely cold, and the embankment prevented them from getting out of the water. They had to wait for the rescue boat.

The man and woman were in the water for around 35 minutes. They are being treated at a local hospital.