Two orangutans at Indianapolis Zoo leave primary enclosure


The Indianapolis Zoo says it had a minor incident Tuesday morning when two orangutans accidentally got out of their primary holding area.

It happened around 10:30 am. The zoo says that Rocky, an eight-year-old orangutan, and his adopted mother Knobi "got curious" and managed to get out of their primary enclosure. Both animals remained inside the building.

The zoo also says an internal camera was damaged when they got out.

At no time were the public or staff in any danger, the zoo tells Eyewitness News. Zoo staff were aware of the incident "immediately" and managed to get the animals back into their enclosure within a short time.

About 50 visitors were at the zoo at the time. Visitors who were attending the dolphin show, which started at 10:30 am, were kept in that area while the zoo assessed the situation.