Two more Hovey St. victims laid to rest

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Indianapolis - A mother and her baby were laid to rest Monday a week after their brutal murder at a home on Hovey Street. They were two of four people shot to death on Hovey Street January 14th.

The funeral for Andrea Yarrell and her baby daughter Charlii got underway at noon Monday at Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

Mourners embraced each other, seeking answers, peace and comfort for a crime that's said to have broken the collective heart of the city.

"We do not know why evil snatched Andrea and Charlii from our midst in this kind of fashion," said Pastor John Lambert, Bethel AME Church.

Sheriff Frank Anderson, who promised last week to bring those responsible for killing Andrea and Charlii Yarrell as well as Gina and Jordan Hunt to justice, also attended. Police made arrests over the weekend and four people are charged in connection with the case. The four victims were found dead in their home a week ago.

The sight of mother and daughter in the same casket left Sheriff Anderson shaken. His pleas for peace brought applause.

"I mean, come on, people. Can't you hear what I'm saying? Can you hear what I'm saying? Enough is enough. When we start killing babies, when we start killing each other, enough is enough!" he said.

Anderson added: "If the evil people who did this deed should ever make to Heaven's gate, they will see a 'No Vacancy' sign."

Through their sorrow and anger, some saw opportunity, urging the community to clean up what's broken.

"We gotta go back in the hood and tell our boys who are standing on the corner that's tryin' to rob somebody, that's tryin' to carjack somebody, you know, ain't no life in this," said Dr. Byron Austin, minister.

Four men are under arrest and charged with the crime. The Yarrell family is grateful for the efforts of police and the community.

Andrea Yarrell's father, Lesley Yarrell, said he was grateful for people's support.

"The City of Indianapolis, everybody who's been there for me, I appreciate it and I love everybody, you know. And what people are now saying, you know, bad things about me and stuff like that, I'm here to bury my daughter and I put everything in the Lord's hands and the police and they did a good job and praise the Lord," Yarrell said.

Yarrell also said this crime has taken a piece of his heart.

Over 1,100 people attended the funeral services Monday.