Two men rob Brinks truck on east side

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Jeremy Brilliant/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Two men are facing charges following a brazen armed robbery of an armored truck on the east side. Both suspects were caught shortly after the robbery Wednesday afternoon.

It happened across the street from Washington Square Mall. One man was arrested in the mall's parking lot. The other was apprehended at the nearby Washington Point Apartments.

Both men are suspected of robbing an armored truck after Brinks employees picked up cash at this White Castle Restaurant.

"The whole scene, it just wasn't right. Everything around it wasn't right," said Indiana State Police Trooper Bryce Filson. He was off duty in his take-home patrol car at a nearby car wash when he headed over to investigate.

"It was just a sequence of events that happened you could say, people just aren't acting right. An individual jumps across the driver's side of a vehicle. Something's just not quite right there," Filson said.

Officer Filson chased the suspect's vehicle across the street, where the driver crashed into a utility truck. The driver ran into the mall and his passenger ran to the apartment complex.

One of the suspects "is alleged to have carjacked another vehicle, crashed that vehicle and it was apprehended by IMPD K-9 units," said 1st Sgt. Dave Bursten, Indiana State Police.

For Trooper Filson, it was a gut reaction that paid off.

"It makes me feel good that nobody's hurt and that's you know, it's a good thing. It helps you sleep at night, I guess, doing what we do and it's a good feeling," he said.

The suspects have been identified as 24-year-old Marcus Miller (although police are now saying they don't believe that's his real name) and 19-year-old Justin Veal, both from Indianapolis. Veal was actually on home arrest at the time of the robbery. Despite being only 19, has an extensive criminal background of nearly a dozen convenience and liquor store robberies he admitted to last year.What was so unusual about the case at the time was that he had no prior criminal history. Detectives called him a good kid who was polite. He said he would never commit a robbery on a Sunday so he could go to church with his mother.