Two IU students charged in knife attack

Zesen Shen suspect in stabbing

Two Indiana University students are in police custody after a knife attack that prompted IU to activate its campus alert system.

According to IU Police it happened about 3:30 Sunday morning outside IU's Tulip Tree Apartments, just east of the IU campus.

Unaware of who was involved or what prompted the attack, police initially issued alerts warning students of "an armed individual" and urging them "stay sheltered," as officers searched for the suspects.

According to police, a 20-year-old IU student was taken to the hospital with a knife wound after an argument escalated into a fight in the complex's parking lot. They say the two suspects chased the victim, slashing him in the back with a cleaver.

As the situation became more clear, IU issued updates saying while the suspects were still at large, the altercation involved acquaintances. The the suspects were no longer considered a danger.

Police lifted the alert shortly just before 8 a.m. A short time later, they arrested Zesen Shen, 18, charging him with battery and intimidation and Kaiyu Luo, 21 charging him with intimidation.

Students, who watched things unfold from the apartments, were relieved when they got the all-clear.

Sarah Guistolisi was staying with a friend at Tulip Tree when, "We got the call that said there was an armed man on campus. It was pretty scary especially since we were in one of the few apartments on the ground floor. So when we got that call we went to the front, looked out the window and and dead-bolted the door."

While police did not release the victim's name, they do say he was treated and released from IU Health Bloomington Hospital.