Two Indiana teens injured in Florida parasailing accident

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Two Indiana teenagers are in the hospital fighting critical injuries after a parasailing accident in Florida.

YouTube video from a witness captures the horrific scene after storm winds broke the cable from the boat pulling the girls. The teens flew into a balcony of a condominium and then got caught in a power line. They finally fell onto several cars in a parking lot below.

"The wind got so bad it was pulling the parachute, and it started pulling the boat. So they threw the anchor down. Once the boat stopped they tried to get the parachute back it but it wouldn't come back in. So they tried flooring it and the rope snapped. Then they hit the condo right here behind us. They smacked the side of it pretty hard," said Austin Ward, witness.

Watch the video here. (Warning: Contains profanity)

There's no official word yet on the conditions of the 17-year-olds, Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild. But witnesses say the two suffered serious injuries. Several news reports indicate the girls are in critical condition.

The girls are from Roanoke, Indiana, located near Fort Wayne.

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