Two in custody after southern Indiana couple found dead

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Neighbors and police in a southern Indiana town are calling the violent deaths of a couple a "horrendous, senseless crime."

Police say Gary Henderson and Asenath Arnold were found dead in their home about 15 miles west of Louisville on Saturday morning. Two teenagers are under arrest in what police are calling a burglary gone wrong.

"This is a very good community. This is a wonderful place to live. This is not normal in this area," said Harrison County Sheriff Rodney Seelye.

Murder victims Asenath Arnold and Gary Henderson ran a business that gave pony rides. Saturday morning, the couple was killed inside their Greenville home. Police say Arnold was beaten to death with a heavy wooden rod that was part of a horse harness; Henderson, a man in his seventies, was stabbed 23 times.

"I've been sheriff here for two and a half years and this is our first homicide," said Sheriff Seelye.

Eyewitness News has learned two 18-year olds, Kevin Schuler and Austin Scott, were riding ATVs around 4:00 am Saturday when they stopped at the couple's house to try to get some gasoline. Investigators say when they couldn't find any gas, they broke into the home. For some reason, the attempted burglary turned deadly.

"It was heinous. It was an elderly couple that were beaten and stabbed to death for money," said the sheriff.

Investigators believe at least one of the suspects knew the victims. Detectives recovered what they believed to be the murder weapons in cornfields near the couple's home. The sheriff also said they recovered stolen guns, credit cards, and prescription drugs in a stolen car the suspects were using..

Both suspects were being held Sunday at the Floyd County Jail in nearby New Albany on preliminary charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of a handgun without a permit and two counts of possession of stolen property. Scott also faced a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness. Jail records did not indicate whether either man had an attorney.

 The Harrison County Sheriff said he expects the pair to be charged with robbery and murder at some point Monday.