Two Greenwood houses hit by target shooters

Harmandip Chahal was in his parents bedroom when the bullet hit the home.

Worried neighbors are sharing their frightening stories after stray bullets hit their homes.

In one case, a bullet struck near a teenager in bed. Another shot went into a child's play room.

The Johnson County Sheriff says the gunfire came from the 6300 block of North CR 25 West in Johnson County.

The stray bullets hit two homes inside the Southern Pines subdivision, just hundreds of yards away.

The shooters were a group of teenagers, up to 14 of them, according to Greenwood police. Investigators say the teens were firing high-powered rifles to shoot at targets on the ground. The adults watching, later told police, they didn't think they were doing anything wrong.

"Two or three feet, probably...probably less," said 14-year-old Harmandip Chahal, showing just how close a bullet came to his head.

Chahal was resting in his parent's upstairs bedroom in their Greenwood home in the 3200 block of Hemlock Drive when the bullet struck his home.

"I was just laying down right here like this and then I heard a loud bang come from this side. I heard two," explained Chahal.

He didn't realize it yet, but the sound was from bullets coming through his family's Greenwood home.

"I think he literally just dodged a bullet, but I'm thankful it didn't hit him," said Chahal's older brother, Pavandip.

Instead, Pavandip found the damage to a door.

"They found a bullet just lodged on the other side," said Pavandip, showing Eyewitness News cameras the damage.

A bullet also hit a wall. The brothers called police, but could still hear shots coming from somewhere.

Just a few streets away, according to police, another family was hearing the same sound at their home. They also found two bullets, one in their son's playroom was lodged inside a stuffed animal.

"They had no idea their bullets were traveling that far," said Greenwood Police Department Assistant Chief Matt Fillenwarth.

That's what police and sheriff's deputies discovered when they tracked down where the shots were coming from, on a rural road close to Southern Pines.

"A bullet's something totally different than a football, you know?" said Fillenwarth. "When a bullet leaves, it goes somewhere you don't want it to. It can kill or maim."

Thankfully for the people inside the homes hit, like Harmandip Chahal, that didn't happen this time.

"That was pretty close. If any closer, it could have been worse," said Chahal.

According to a county ordinance, the property owner lived too close to other homes to be shooting weapons on his property. He faces a fine.

The Johnson County Sheriff said they receive complaints every month about people's neighbors firing guns. They say it is rare, though, for the sheriff's department to get calls for shots actually hitting homes.