Two escaped juveniles caught in Howard County

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Two teens who stabbed officers who were transporting them to a detention center are back in custody.

Police say the 16- and 15-year-olds stabbed the transport officers with a pencil and ran away Wednesday night. Police received a tip Thursday morning that the teens had broken into a home in the 2400 block of North Jay Street in Kokomo.

Officers responded to the home and were able to take the suspects into custody. One of the teens put up a brief struggle with officers while trying to re-enter the home.

They were headed to the Robert Kinsey Youth Center on South Berkley Road when they escaped near the Howard County jail around 10:00 pm.

Police do not know the reasons for the escape, but say the plan was formulated during the two-hour drive from the Warren County Jail to Kokomo. Shortly after warning the teens about communicating during the drive, the guards say they heard one of the teens say, "Now!" before they assaulted the officers.

The Kinsey Center provides residential and secure detention for juveniles in Howard County.

The transport officers who were stabbed were treated and released from the hospital Wednesday night.