Two arrested in Noblesville burglaries

Aaron Harlow and Amy Price
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Two people face charges in connection with a string of burglaries in Hamilton County.

Police arrested Amy Price, 38, and Aaron Harlow, 30. Both suspects are Noblesville residents.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says Price admitted to five burglaries over the past month in Noblesville and White River Township.

Officers got a break in the case when a homeowner interrupted a burglary in progress Tuesday in a neighborhood near 191st St.

"This is the window that the guy ran out, see?" said neighbor Linda Hudson.

Neighbors learned the couple next door came home to find burglars in their house. The front door is now boarded up, covering where the burglars broke in and where the homeowner came home to find intruders running out the back door.

"When they went in the front, he went out the back door and around the privacy fence," Hudson said.

But sheriff's investigators were tracking the suspects through pawn shop receipts and identifying their car. Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen says they would knock on doors to see if anyone was home and break in if the house was empty.

"It's a very dangerous situation and not a situation we want our citizens to find themselves in," Bowen said.

Price and Harlow stole things like electronic equipment, TVs and jewelry and had neighbors paying more attention to security than they ever had before.

"This neighborhood was lit up like a...I mean, every porch light, every light you can imagine was on last night. I personally was up most of the night, peeking out the window, thinking, 'Are they coming back?'," Hudson said.

Police arrested Price and Harlow Wednesday.

Detectives are still working on recovering some of the stolen items. Both Harlow and Price are in custody at the Hamilton County Jail initially charged with burglary and theft. Detectives expect formal charges to be filed Thursday.