Two arrested in Hamilton Co. prostitution sting

Kristine Mayhugh
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Jeremy Brilliant/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County - A prostitution sting in Hamilton County lands two women in jail and police say there could be more arrests.

Police say a brothel was operating in the 4300 block of West 96th Street west of Michigan Road. Over the summer, police got a tip that along the busy street, there was a brothel operating out of an unassuming home.

The sign is no longer illuminated at 4320 West 96th Street. The Hamilton-Boone County Drug Task Force shut down what they say was - until Tuesday - a busy brothel operating under the guise of a massage parlor.

"The clients would come in, pay the front desk a certain amount of money then go back to the rooms with the gals and negotiate a price from there," said Major Lee Goodman, Hamilton-Boone County Drug Task Force.

Rebecca Davis of Indianapolis, 56, is charged with promoting prostitution. Police say she ran the business, charging men $60 to $90 admission. Investigators describe the women as "private contractors" charging an additional fee for sex.

"This investigation took a little bit longer because we were trying to incorporate that into the arrest - which we did get her arrested for promoting prostitution, which is a class C felony," said Maj. Goodman.

Kristina Mayhugh of Greenfield, 36, was also arrested. She faces a misdemeanor charge of prostitution.

The business had its own surveillance system and now police plan to use the videotape as evidence not only against the alleged prostitutes, but also their clients.

"If you frequented this establishment, you may get a call from us or a stop by the house," said Maj. Goodman.

Besides the neon in the window, the business had no sign or name and did not advertise. Police say those who came here found out about it by word of mouth.