Two arrested in December 2012 Broad Ripple attack

Torrence Brown
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Two Indianapolis men are facing charges in connection with the abduction, brutal assault and rape of a woman last December. Police say the motive may have been to "celebrate" the birthday of one of the suspects.

Torrence Brown, 26, and Dewayne Lane, 22, were arrested in connection with the December 30th crime. The victim suffered brain damage from the attack that could affect her for the rest of her life.

According to police, a woman who had spent the night out with friends was abducted after she left a Broad Ripple bar. Police say blood and semen samples taken from Brown's Dodge Durango are a match with Brown and Lane.

Court documents show that the woman had gone out with friends to watch a basketball game at Brothers bar. The group then visited Broad Ripple Tavern, Chumley's and Kilroy's that night. At some point the woman became separated from her friends and she decided to walk from the bar back to her friend's house.

On a Broad Ripple side street, the woman says she encountered a group of men who began beating and kicking her. She was also sexually assaulted.

The woman, who was intoxicated, wound up at a home in the 1900 block of North Moreland Ave. banging on a door and asking for help. Police say her lips were bleeding and her face was swollen and bruised. She couldn't remember how she had gotten there.

"I told her I'd call the police and I guess that's what she truly needed.  So she came back and I dialed 911," said the resident of the house.

"Her face was all red.  I was thinking it was make-up, but you don't have make-up that way around your face. So that was blood," said Hattie Adams, a neighbor who also helped the victim.

Brutal injuries

The woman told police she had been sexually assaulted by several men. Court documents show that the woman also had injuries to her neck which were consistent with being strangled. She had a broken nose, facial fractures, bleeding on her brain, as well as numerous vaginal, anal and cervical lacerations, and too many bruises to count.

An officer found the woman's purse in the middle of the street in the 2000 block of North Tibbs Ave.

Police say Brown was celebrating his birthday - and that may have been a motive in the attack.

According to court documents, it was the victim's stolen cell phone that led to the eventual arrest. Several days after the attack, police "pinged" her cell phone and went to the address at the cell phone's location. Two women lived in the home with their children, and one of those women was Dewayne Lane's girlfriend. The woman told police that Lane had given her the phone.

Lane originally told his girlfriend that he'd gone to Tremors nightclub that night and during the fight on the dance floor, he reached into a man's pocket and stole the phone. However, Lane later changed his story and admitted to being in Broad Ripple that night.

Lane told police that he and Torrence Brown, who is Lane's cousin, picked up the victim who was walking along a side street. Lane alleged that the victim got into the back seat of Brown's vehicle of her own free will.

Lane then said they went to the house of a man named "Johnny," and that Brown and the victim were "hugging and kissing." Lane said Brown and the victim went inside the home while he stayed outside. After around 20 minutes, Lane says the victim along with Brown came out of the house and the woman was crying hysterically. Lane says they drove to an unknown residential street where they dropped the woman off.

The two men are in the Marion County Jail.  They're scheduled to go to trial June 17.

We talked to Brook Klejnot, director of the Broad Ripple Village Association. 

"That type of crime is not typical for this area, which makes it all the more shocking.  But, we have a good relationship with IMPD and we're looking forward to the return of our bicycle patrols.  We're looking forward to this summer being a safe one," said Klejnot.