Two arrested in death of pizza delivery driver

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Two men have been arrested in the death of a pizza delivery driver whose body was discovered Sunday.

John Sullivan, 49, of Indianapolis, was found dead in the basement of a home on S. Belmont Ave. Sunday morning. He was delivering pizza Saturday night when he went missing.

​Jeremiah Roberts, 26, and Derek Romano, 22, were arrested for murder and robbery. They were apprehended in Buffalo, Wyoming. Indianapolis Metro Police say Sullivan's car has also been recovered.

Family members are still in mourning over Sullivan's death.

"Technically, he's my ex-brother-in-law, but he's always been more family than that to me," said Misty Hall.

Hall says Sullivan was the type of person who was always there to help.

"You could be a stranger and he'd help you and he would and did. He was known for that, known for being very compassionate and kind," Hall said.

The home and a barn on the property where Sullivan was found were being used as a shelter for dogs; there were no full-time residents living at the home. His body was discovered by people who came to feed the dogs.

"He didn't deserve to be left for dead in a basement. He didn't deserve that. He deserved mercy that he didn't get," Hall said.

Sullivan battled cancer and survived. He spent most of his adult life as a cook or delivering pizzas. Friends say he knew the risks and was mugged at least once. Because of that, he carried a gun, but the weapon was not found.

"I want everybody to know that this was a great man. John was a great man," Hall said.

Described as a gentle man, who died at the hands of others.