Two arrested for tossing water balloons at police officers

Joshua Hayes, left, and Brandon Harper
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Two Indianapolis men face criminal recklessness charges after police say they tossed water balloons at police officers from the sixth floor of a downtown parking garage.

Joshua Hayes and Brandon Harper were arrested early Monday morning. The men admitted throwing the balloons, and even told officers they'd done it on other occasions, usually from a vehicle.

Four officers were on assignment in plain clothes riding unmarked bicycles on Market St. when they say Hayes and Harper threw water balloons at them. They were not injured, but they say the water balloons, which weighed around one pound each and were thrown from 60 feet up, posed a hazard.

After the incident, the officers sealed all three exits to the parking garage and called for backup. They say that Hayes and Harper tried to run up a stairwell to avoid getting caught, but when they made it to the top floor, another officer was waiting for them.

Police found a water balloon tank and balloons hidden under an SUV on the third floor of the garage. They also found a receipt for those items in Hayes' front pocket, and the tag from the tank and balloons in Harper's front pocket. Officers also found a cooler containing water and balloons in a cooler in Harper's truck.