Two arrested at Indianapolis airport after loaded guns found in carry-ons


Indianapolis airport officials are reminding passengers to leave their guns at home - or transport them properly.

In a span of 13 hours, transportation security officers at Indianapolis International Airport discovered two firearms in carry-on bags.

At 4:15 pm Thursday, a loaded .38 revolver was found in a carry-on. Airport police were called in and the passenger was arrested.

At 5:15 am Friday, a loaded .40 pistol was also discovered in another passenger's carry-on. That passenger was also arrested.

Passengers who bring firearms to a checkpoint face a civil penalty from the Transportation Security Administration.

Passengers are allowed to travel with firearms in checked baggage if they are properly packaged and declared. Firearms must be unloaded, packed in a hard-side case, locked, and packed separately from ammunition.

Firearm possession laws vary by state and locality. Travelers should familiarize themselves with state and local firearm laws for each point of travel prior to departure.

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Also, airlines may have additional requirements for traveling with firearms and ammunition. Travelers should also contact the airline regarding firearm and ammunition carriage policies.

There were 1,549 firearms discovered at TSA checkpoints nationwide in 2012 including 15 at Indianapolis. There have been seven guns discovered at the Indianapolis airport so far this year.

Weapons — included guns — are not permitted in carry-on baggage. Passengers are responsible for the contents of bags they bring to the security checkpoint, and TSA's advice to passengers is to look through bags thoroughly before coming to the airport to make sure there are no illegal or prohibited items.

Last year TSA assessed more than $1.8 million in civil penalties for firearms discovered in passenger carry-on bags.
Review the prohibited items list on the TSA homepage or download the free MyTSA app from the TSA homepage. The TSA web site and the MyTSA app have a "Can I Bring?" feature that allows users to type in items they plan to bring on a trip to get an explanation of TSA's security policies for the item, including whether the item can be taken in carry-on luggage through the security checkpoint, packed in checked baggage, both, or neither.