Twin sisters have special deliveries at Bloomington hospital

Even though they've shared so much, having babies on the same day wasn't part of the plan.
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BLOOMINGTON - Bloomington Hospital was the scene of a double delivery this week. Two women who have lived very similar lives, now have a very similar story to tell the next generation of their family.

Growing up identical twins, Jessica and Jennifer Patterson were used to sharing more than just a face.

"We shared everything," Jennifer said of the relationship she's had with her twin sister.

"Toys," Jessica added.

"Clothes, toys, food. Everything," Jennifer continued.

The two even shared an apartment for the past three years.

"We moved out when we was 18 and we've been with each other ever since," Jennifer explained.

The 21-year-old twins have had their differences, though.

"My right eye's bad and her left eye is bad. I'm left handed, she's right handed," Jennifer said.

For the past nine months, though, these twins have shared the most important experience of their lives so far - being pregnant.

"It just happened. It just happened," they both explained.

Jessica found out first.

"I was, like, 'I'm pregnant'," Jessica remembered.

"I found out a week later," Jennifer added.

That wasn't even the most incredible part of the story. These sisters went into labor and delivered their bundles of joy on the same day.

"They even look alike," Jessica said of her son, Mason Douglas, and new niece, Adalynn Rose, Jennifer's daughter.

Even though they've shared so much, having babies on the same day wasn't part of the plan.

"Really, I wanted my baby to have her own birthday, just cause I know how it is to share a birthday with somebody. It's not fun," explained Jennifer.

Nature had other ideas. Jessica went to Bloomington Hospital Tuesday night to be induced.

"I was with her in the hospital room," said Jennifer.

Instead of Jessica going into labor though, Jennifer did.

"I was just contracting every two to three minutes," said Jennifer.

Twelve hours later, little Adeline was born.

"It was after Adeline was born I started having really bad contractions," explained Jessica.

Hours later, Mason joined his cousin after Jessica had a C-section.

"I hope they grow up really close," said Jessica of the babies.

There's definitely a good chance that'll happen. The twins, both single moms, plan to still live together, now with their newborns.

"Its gonna be a crazy house," said Jennifer.

For these twins and best friends, though, they wouldn't have it any other way.

"We're inseparable," said Jennifer.